Guiding Principles
Communication and engagement are key pillars to building trust in any organization. I believe that government has a responsibility to provide open, honest, and effective outreach to the community. 
My passion is partnering with others to find creative and cost-effective solutions. With a background in graphic design and production management, I utilize my skills to plan and implement projects, promote new programs, improve communications, and translate complex content into clear, concise presentations. The biggest reward is knowing I have helped improve the way citizens experience and connect with county services.
Current Role
Currently, in my seventh year of employment with Placer County, I manage the Document Solutions division of the County Executive Office. I lead a team of eight people to provide critical administrative support services including printing, graphic design, convenience copiers, records storage, shipping, and interoffice mail for county departments and external organizations. 
During my tenure, I have influenced key decisions regarding business development, policy, budgeting, staffing, and administrative processes. These adjustments have rebuilt relationships, improved customer service, reduced costs, and allowed us to meet the needs of modern government. 
In addition to my daily management activities, I also support executive leadership on key initiatives such as Reopen PlacerPlacer Shares, and Public Health's COVID-19 response. From development to marketing and implementation, I help to advance these programs through Board presentations, infographics, web, and social media, printed materials, signage, and partnerships with local organizations. 
University of California, Davis
Bachelor of Science in Design, 2006
Visual Communications program

California Specialized Training Institute
Certificate in Basic PIO and JIC-JIS (G290-291), 2021
Hobbies & Interests
• Travel
• British history
• Video production
• Unsuccessful vegetable gardening
• Home improvement projects
• Finding the perfect French Roast coffee

Photo credit: Mirinda Glick

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